GSA Formatting Examples

Cochran, K.F., 1992, Pedagogical content knowledge: Teachers' transformations of
subject matter (Monograph Number Five of the National Association of Research
in Science Teaching ed.).

National Research Council, 1996, National science education standards, Washington,
DC., National Academy.

Note: First lines are not indented, but if it goes onto more, the rest should be indented. Wikispaces doesn't show it....)

Citation Examples:
blah blah blah (NRC, 1996).
blah blah blah (Cochran, 1992).

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the manuscript template document is probably what we should be using.

How Fossils reveal Past Life: ("Fossils Evolution, and Extinction")


The Powerpoint:

Example scientific paper:

for first paper...(what he went over with us)

-fossils, lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, dating navajo sandstone is an actual problem. -' Fastov ' 10/2/09